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Welcome to Finger and Thumbs Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and 3D Casts.

Welcome to Finger and Thumbs Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and 3D Casts.

Welcome to Finger and Thumbs Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and 3D Casts. Welcome to Finger and Thumbs Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and 3D Casts. Welcome to Finger and Thumbs Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and 3D Casts.

Bespoke Handprint Charm Gift Set

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This beautiful gift is a unique heart shaped fine silver handprint charm which has not yet been made. The gift set includes everything needed for a Mummy to work with me to make the unique handprint charm with their child's handprint professionally imprinted into the fine silver. This is a perfect gift for any mummy with children of any age and can be posted anywhere. 

The handprint will be taken by the person you buy this gift for then I will handcraft the bespoke fine silver imprint charm which they will receive in the post. All instructions are included in the gift set.

Your gift includes one fine silver handprint charm. I have found that our customers often like to add their charms to a necklaces or bracelet that they already have so your charm does not come with a necklace or bracelet. 

All postage is included in the price (including the gift set and the final fine silver piece).

Silver Imprint Jewellery

Silver fingerprint jewellery for siblings. Double print silver charm. Stockport, Cheshire.

Silver Imprint Jewellery

Finger and Thumber silver imprint jewellery specialises in high quality bespoke silver charms and pendants. Only the highest quality silver is used. I use 99.9% pure silver clay to make these beautiful silver imprint charms. 

There are 4 different options for imprint jewellery including fingerprint charms, hand print or footprint charms, pawprint silver imprints,  your children's drawings or even a short message from a loved one in their own handwriting.  

Silver handprint charm handmade in my studio in Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire.

Silver Hand and Footprint Charms

Hand and footprints are taken as ink prints which are then made into stamps which I then carefully imprint into precious metal silver clay. As much of the detail and the lines in the hand and foot is included in the silver charm as possible. The older a child is the more detail will be picked up  in their hand print  

To have a hand or footprint charm made you can either book an appointment at our studio in Poynton or  a Ink Kit can be sent out for you. 

Fine silver pawprint jewellery capturing your cat or dog pawprints in a silver charm. Stockport

Silver Pawprint Charms

Silver pawprint jewellery captures your cat or dogs pawprints in a silver charm or pendant. These can be made into cufflinks or keyrings. 

Ink prints can be taken of the paw with a Finger and Thumbs Ink Kit or these beautiful silver imprint charms can be made from a clear photograph of your pet's paw. 

Children's drawing captured forever into a beautiful silver imprint charm keepsake Poynton Stockport

Children's Drawing Charm

Have your children's drawing captured forever into a beautiful silver imprint charm or pendant. Simple line drawing in black and white make the best imprints. 

A father's handwriting to the loved ones he has left behind. Messages from the ones you love.

Handwriting Pendants

Solid silver imprint pendant keyring. Handwriting message silver pendant. 
Imprint charms. Stockport

You can have your own message written in your own handwriting imprinted into a pendant.  Perfect for a loved one on a special day. It could be for your husband or wife to be on your wedding day or a special gift on a birthday. 

Or these solid silver imprint charms and pendants could bring some comfort by having the writing from a loved one who you have lost.   

Handmade alphabet charms. Letter charms imprinted with any letter you want. Poynton, Stockport

Alphabet Charms

These lovely little letter charms are all handmade by me to the same high quality as our fabulous fingerprint and handprint charms.  These Alphabet charms are made using the same solid silver (99.9% pure silver) to ensure the highest quality. They can be bought as a perfect addition to your charm range or a great way to start a new collection. The Alphabet charms sit beautifully with your hand and fingerprint charm.

Price: £18 per charm


Different Options

Your silver imprints can be made in to a variety of different keepsakes. Silver Handprint cufflinks are a popular option as our beautiful silver fingerprint keyrings. 

Silver Imprint Prices

Silver Fingerprint Jewellery

Silver Hand/Footprint Jewellery

Silver Hand/Footprint Jewellery

Silver fingerprint jewellery. Beautiful detailed silver fingerprint charm. Stockport, Manchester

Fingerprint Charm 

£44 (standard)     £49 (chunky)

Small Pendant   

£54 (standard)    £59 (chunky)    

Medium Pendant      

£64 (standard)    £74 (chunky)    

Large Pendant  

£75 (standard)  £85 (chunky)          

Silver Hand/Footprint Jewellery

Silver Hand/Footprint Jewellery

Silver Hand/Footprint Jewellery

Silver handprint charms as an ascending option. Silver footprint charms are optional. Stockport

Handprint Charm 

£56 (standard)     £61 (chunky)

Small Pendant 

£70 (standard)   £75 (chunky)    

Medium Pendant  

£84 (standard)    £94 (chunky)    

Large Pendant  

£94 (standard)  £104 (chunky)         

Silver Imprint Charm and Pendant Sizes


All sizes are approximate due to the different shape options

Mini Alphabet Charm: 1.4cm x 1.4cm

The mini Alphabet Charms are not suitable for hand, foot or fingerprints as they are too small. 

Charm: 1.9cm x 1.9cm

Small Pendant: 2.2cm x 2.2cm

Medium Pendant: 2.8cm x 2.8cm

Large Pendant: Only available Wavy heart 3.1 x 5.2cm or Oval 3.3cm x 2.8cm


Standard: 1mm

Chunky: 2mm




The silver imprint keyrings are especially popular with the Dads.  Just choose the size of pendant that you want then add £20 for the sterling silver key ring attachment.   



Personalised footprint cufflinks 
Imprint cufflinks
Handprint cufflinks
Silver imprint cufflinks

Silver Imprint Cufflinks

Fingerprint Cufflinks  

£99 (standard)  £109 (chunky)    

Hand and footprint Cufflinks  

£129 (standard)  £149 (chunky)     

Hand and Footprint Ink Kits

Handprint ink kits for silver handprint jewellery, Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire and Manchester

Hand and Footprint Ink Kits

Hand and Footprint Ink Kits

Hand and Footprint Ink Kits

Hand and Footprint Ink Kits

Hand and Footprint Ink Kits

 Hand and Footprint Ink Kits are used to take the prints which are made into your fabulous pieces of silver. 

The prints taken make lovely keepsakes and the kits can be bought as a gift on their own. A perfect gift for a baby shower, new-born baby gift, christening or birthday. 

Baby feet for print ink kits and silver footprint jewellery, Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire

Hand and Footprint Ink Kits

Add a necklace or bracelet to go with your charm

Sterling silver padlock double curb chain bracelet for fingerprint charms and pendants. Stockport.

Sterling Silver Necklace and Bracelets

Finger and Thumbs fingerprint charms and pendants can be ordered on their own to be attached to a piece of jewellery that you already have or you can choose a new one from us. 

We have a nice range of quality sterling silver options to choose from. If there is something specific that you are looking for that you can't see do get in touch.  

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