Finger and Thumbs

Welcome to Finger and Thumbs Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and 3D Casts.

Welcome to Finger and Thumbs Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and 3D Casts. Welcome to Finger and Thumbs Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and 3D Casts. Welcome to Finger and Thumbs Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and 3D Casts.

Pet Keepsakes

Your pets including Cats, Dogs and horses can have their pawprints captured with pawprint jewellery

Fur Babies

We don't just take prints of children when we love our fur babies just as much!!!! 

Finger and Thumbs Imprints capture all the lovely detail of the dog or cat's paws in the pet keepsakes. Pawprint jewellery with the Pawprint Charms or our ceramic pawprints are incredibly popular.  

We can take prints of any of your pets. So if you have a cat, dog or horse or something more exotic please get in touch. 

10% OFF for National Pet Month

April is National Pet Month and to celebrate FInger and Thumbs have 10% OFF the Fine Silver Pawprint Charm Range. 

Fine SIlver Pawprint Charms

Fine silver pawprint charm. Your pets actual paw imprinted into a bespoke silver charm. Cheshire

April is National Pet Month and to celebrate FInger and Thumbs have 10% OFF the Fine Silver Pawprint Charm Range.

Our pets are as much a part of our family as our children are. The unconditional love they give us every singe day is priceless. And what a crucial role they have right now keeping us company during lockdown with Covid-19.  

Finger and Thumbs Pawprint Charms make a perfect gift for any pet owner.  

3D dogs nose cast. Hand painted, framed doge nose keepsake. Every dogs nose is unique. Fur baby nose



Did you know that your dog’s nose is just as individual and unique as any human’s fingerprint. 

Your dogs are part of your family and like with all our family members we want memories of them that will last forever.

The dog nose casting appointment should last no longer than 20 minutes during which you will choose your frame and plaque and the cast will be taken. To take the dog nose cast I use Finger and Thumbs casting putty which is extremely soft and malleable. Dogs noses are super sensitive so I make sure the casting process is quick and absolutely pain free. The soft casting putty is gently held over your dog’s nose for only a few second while the cast is formed and a few doggy treats are always close at hand for a little reward after. 


Our Nose castings have an introductory price of £45.99 which comes framed and with an engraved plaque. 

Pawprint Keepsakes

Stone Impressions

Stone Impressions

Stone Impressions

Hand painted pawprint stone impression make perfect pet keepsakes. Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire.

Stone Impression Pet Keepsakes.

The stone dog paws impressions are a unique option with a natural hand painted finish.

They come framed and completed with an engraved plaque. 

Ceramic Pawprint

Stone Impressions

Stone Impressions

Ceramic Pawprint impressions make perfect pet keepsakes. Stockport, Poynton, Manchester, Cheshire.

Ceramic pet imprints are professionally glazed with a colour of your choice. Your clay dog paws comes presented in a beautiful frame making great pet keepsakes.


Stone Impressions

Silver Too

Treasure your cat and dog forever with a pet pawprint keepsake. Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire.


One Paw £65

2 Paws £85  

2 Paws with a photo insert  £105 

Silver Too

Silver Pawprint Prices

Silver Too

A clear photo of your pets paw if all we need to make your pets beautiful pawprint jewellery,Poynton

For the silver pawprint jewellery range all I need is a clear photo of the cat or dogs paw or hoof to make the stamps. 

I will put the photograph on the computer and edit it so all that is left is the perfect shape of the pads. This allows me to create a clear and accurate piece of silver imprint jewellery that you won't get if an ink print was used. If you are unable to take a clear photo or if your pet is particularly furry then an ink kit can be sent out. 

Pet keepsakes make perfect personalised gifts. 

Silver Pawprint Prices

Silver Pawprint Prices

Silver Pawprint Prices

Pawprint silver charms. Fine silver pawprint pendants. Pet keepsakes. Silver pawprint charm.

Pawprint Charm 

£56 (standard)     £61 (chunky)

Small Pawprint Pendant 

£70 (standard)   £75 (chunky)    

Medium Pawprint Pendant  

£84 (standard)    £94 (chunky)    

Large Pawprint Pendant  

£94 (standard)  £104 (chunky)    


Silver Pawprint Prices

Silver Pawprint Prices

Making pawprint keepsakes to treasure in Poynton, Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire.

If you have any questions at all about our pawprint jewellery or ceramic pet keepsakes please do get in touch. Dog paws, cat paws and horses we do them all. 

The Appointment

Beautiful Pug Pawprint, ceramic pawprint. Pet keepsakes made in Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire.

Appointments  to make your personalised pet keepsakes take about 30 minutes and can me made at your home or in our studio in Poynton (wherever your pet is most comfortable). 

When taking a paw print in the clay  for the paw ceramic imprint you sit with your pet to reassure them as they know you which allows me to calmly take the paw and make the print. Dog paws and cat paws make excellent clay imprints. 

For the pawprint jewellery you don't need to make an appointment to have your pets paw made into silver imprint jewellery as a photo is all that is needed. 

Pet keepsakes make the most fabulous and thoughtful personalised gifts especially for your loved ones who already have everything they need.