Finger and Thumbs

Welcome to Finger and Thumbs Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and 3D Casts.

Welcome to Finger and Thumbs Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and 3D Casts. Welcome to Finger and Thumbs Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and 3D Casts. Welcome to Finger and Thumbs Silver Fingerprint Jewellery and 3D Casts.

3D Casts FAQ's

How many hands/feet can we have?

You can have 3D casts taken of as many hands and feet as you like. I work with a specialise framer who can make bespoke frames to fit what you want. 

What age can we have the 3D casts made from? 

There is no minimum age. The age is usually set by you and when you are ready. I have made a 3D baby cast of a baby who was only two days old. 

How long is the appointment?

I would allow an hour for a double hand cast but the actual casting process does not take that long.  If you have more children or if you want more hands and feet cast I would allow an hour and a half. The time can be confirmed when you make the booking. 

How long will the cast take to set?

About 3 minutes for each hand or foot.

For family casts it will take longer because more of the mixture needs to be prepared. 

How long do they take to make?

About 6 weeks. But let me know if you have a deadline for a present. 

How can we have the hands arranges?

 With in reason you can arrange your hand how you like for the hand cast. I can help you with this and if you have a specific idea we and work out a way of doing it. 

What if I don't like the cast?

All my work comes with a quality guarantee so if the cast is faulty I will make it again for free. However I can not control how a baby holds his fingers or stretches his foot so if you don't like that your babies hand is in a fist rather than having it's fingers stretched out I unfortunately can not do anything about that. 

How do you make the cast?

 A cast is taken of the hands and feet with a liquid mixture that sets like jelly around your hands. I then pour it with a fine strong plaster which when set and dry will be painted either bronze, silver, pewter or a pearly white.   

Silver Imprint Charms FAQ's

How old should a baby be for a handprint charm?

That is completely up to you. There is no minimum age but there tends to be much more detail in older handprints. 

What age is best for a silver fingerprint charm?

I would advise that your baby is about 6 months old for a silver fingerprint charm to be made. If they are younger you are not likely to see any lines. But of course if you wanted to try to capture their print a little younger to see how tiny their finger indent is then I am happy to have a go.

My child is now in their twenties, will their feet be too big for an imprint charm? 

No one can be too old or too big. There are no upper or lower age limits for the silver imprint charms I make. All the hand and footprints are carefully miniaturised to fit your chosen charm or pendant.

How long will it take to make?

About 4 weeks but always let me know if you have a deadline for it to be made for because I can often rearrange things to get it made quicker. There are busier times of the year like Christmas and Mother's and Father's day which I have very little flexibility with time. 

Is the ink kit easy to use?

Yes very easy. It comes with a full set of instructions that help you take the best prints. 

Can I personalise my order?

Yes absolutely. Always let me know if you would like it to be arranged in a certain way or if you would like a short message adding. 

How many handprints can you fit on one charm?

It depends on the size of the charm. I will always make the handprints as big as possible to fit so that you can see as much detail as possible. The smaller the handprint it the less detail you can see. For quality control I won't go too small just to fit more hands on. The silver charm size fits one hand on, the small pendant can fit one or two, and the medium silver pendant can fit one to four. Also different shape silver pendants can fit more hand imprints more easily. 

Can I order more in the future with the same stamp?

Yes. I keep the stamps I make safely in case you want to order more. I only charge the handprint charm cost for the first charm. Duplicate silver handprint charms cost the same amount as a fingerprint charm because I don't need to make the stamp again. 

Can I have a name/ date/short message on the back of the charm?

Yes absolutely. The size of the charm will dictate what can fit. I hand engrave the detail or message.  

How long will the appointment be?

About 20 minutes to half an hour 

Do I have to buy a necklace or bracelet with my charm?

No. Some people like to add new charms to a necklace or bracelet they already have. But I have a beautiful range of sterling silver bracelets and necklaces for you to choose from if it is for a gift. 

What silver do you use?

The silver clay I use for the imprint charms is 99.9% pure silver. 

The silver necklaces and bracelets are all sterling silver. 

How do you make the silver handprint charm? 

I put a clear photograph of the ink handprint onto the computer where I clean it up if there are any smudges and I reduce it in size. When it is the right size for the silver charm or pendant I will make it into a stamp. This stamp is what I use to imprint into the silver clay before I engrave it then fire it in my kiln. Then the long polishing process begins. 

If I have cufflinks made, can I have one child's fingerprint on one and one on the other?

Yes absolutely and if you have four children just have two sets made.

Ceramic Imprints FAQ's

How long is the appointment?

About 30 minutes. This gives you time to see examples and choose the frame and colour and for the clay imprints to be taken.  

What colours can I choose from?

I have 28 different colours and shades for you to choose from. and I can always mix the colours or add a touch of white to personalise the colour for you. 

How long do the ceramic imprints take to make?

About 4 weeks. But let me know if you have a deadline for a present. 

General FAQ's

Is there parking?

My studio is based at my home in Poynton. We have a fairly large drive that can fit about 3 cars but you can also park on the road directly outside free of charge.  

Can I order on line?

You can order the silver handprint charms, children's drawing charms and writing charms on line without an appointment but for all other orders you will need an appointment as I will need your hands and feet to make the imprints or 3D casts. 

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes I can do gift vouchers for any amount. 

Where can I have my prints taken?

Most appointments take place in my studio in Poynton. 

I do however do home visits and you can also book an appointment for me to go to a care home or hospital. 

A further option for appointments is in the café at Aqua Nurture in Gee Cross. 

I will also happily visit funeral parlours for you.  

How can I book an appointment?

Send me an email vial this website with your preferred time and date and I can get back to you with my availability. 

I need to have this made for a birthday present. Can you make it faster? 

There is often flexibility throughout the year for me to work to shorter time limits so always ask if you have a date fast approaching. I will always do what I can to meet your deadline. If I am too busy I will tell you. At bust times of year such as Christmas,  Mother's Day and Father's Day it is advisable to get your appointment booked in early to ensure you  do not miss my cut off dates. My dates change  each year depending on how busy I am.